# 5 Un bus si célèbre qu'il a sa page spotted!!!

Cette page est spécifique pour les gens qui demeure à Dublin. Mais qu'est ce qu'est Dublin? Elle est la plus grande ville de l’Irlande à elle seul est contient 1 804 156 habitants. Voici donc la raison que la page possède 46 627 mentions j'aime et 52 personnes qui en parle la moyenne d'âge qui sont sur la page est de 18 à 24 ans, Elle a été publiée le 16 décembre 2012. Pour une page concentrée sur un bus de ville franchement c'est impressionnant. 

 Voici la description de la page:

 This page is being brought not only to the people of Dublin but to every person in the world who has fallen in love with a person on the Dublin Bus and had no way of showing it to them.Or just if you want to have a good old rant!!

Un petit coup de cœur pour ce Harlem shake tourné dans le fameux Dublin bus.

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On the 27...two girls in their teens got on at marino collage and down the back on the top deck...started playin that clown lady crap crap full volume from their phones...comin up the malahide road the chap 3 seats up lost it....walked past me to them...grabbed the phone with the shite music and fucked it out the top window as the bus was at full smashed all over the road...girl flipped out and the bloke said "BUY SOME FUCKIN EARPHONES YOU PAIR OF FOGHORNS"....upmost respect for that chap....

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Two owl lads up the front of the 54a bus having a nice convo as gaeilge, two junkballs down the back start shoutin up 'Go back to your own country yiz sponges.' their stupidity was not worthy of a response, just alot of sighs

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Spotted on Dublin bus......nothing

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"to the junkie on the 41, no you cant have a shot of me iPad to change your relationship status on facebook."

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The Awkward moment when you walk upstairs on a Dublin Bus and there's just 1 person in every seat and you have to decided which looks least like a murderer/rapist!

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Thanks to everyone who sent in this picture of an absolute gent on the 11 to Sandyford....

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Feck off Rain!!!

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Dublin bus now providing animal removal services...